Private Information Protection Policy

We, Subud Japan, recognize the protection of private information as a basic duty, and we hereby set the following privacy policy and endeavor to protect the private information.

1. Appropriate collection of private information

We will collect the private information as necessary, and use it in compliance with the guideline.

2. Protection of private information

We take appropriate measures to prevent from leakage, reduction and damage of private information and will improve the protection system.

3. Compliant with Japanese law and other rules about private information

We observe Japanese law, rules and guidelines which are related to handling private information.

4. Continuous improvement of internal rules

We enhance the internal rules of private information protection and endeavor to improve them.

We may revise these policies. In that event we will announce them on this website.


Regarding the information which we ask in this website

We provide this website for information service purpose. When you customers visit this website, some pages require your private information. (the service is on your voluntary basis.)

It is mainly the information that is necessary to provide our services, such as your name, e-mail address and phone number.

Some of other information may be required, but it is on your voluntary basis excluding the minimum necessity. And we will not modify without your agreement.

Please be forewarned that we will inform the third party of the information in accordance with the services in this website. (for example, we will inform a courier of your name and address to deliver the goods.)

We will take a necessary measure to protect your privacy in a reasonable range.



Please use this website on your own responsibility. We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the use of this website and other websites that are accessible via links.

Applicable laws

Subud Japan controls this official website.

It is possible to access this website from all over the world, but whoever accesses this website is regarded to agree to use this website under Japanese laws despite the differences of the laws and policies of each country.

And there is no description and indication regarding the adequacy of contents in your circumstance. Please access this website on a voluntary basis and use that at your own risk.