The Beginning of Subud

Muhammad Subuh who is a founder of Subud was born in Java, Indonesia in 1901. At the age of 24, he suddenly received unexpected spiritual power when he took a walk at one night. The power emerged over his head as a sphere of light and shined around as if it were a daytime and penetrated his body through his head. His whole body was transparent like a crystal and was strongly vibrated. After he received this experience for a thousand consecutive days, he noticed that this was the revelation from God that he should convey this experience to the people in modern time through himself from God. This contact with the Power of God is called "Latihan Kejiwaan" and is conveyed the people up to now.

Because Muhammad Subuh never conducted propaganda at all in order to spread Subud and adhered to the policy that he submitted the spread of Subud to the will of God, it was 1947 that Subud was officially organised. The first group outside Indonesia was established in Japan in 1954. However, when Muhammad Subuh visited the United Kingdom, Subud began to spread into the world with surprisingly rapid speed. It spread over Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania and many groups were established. (There are now Subud groups in about 70 countries and regions including some African countries, former communist countries such as Russia and Eastern Europe.) In this way, Subud membership consists of a variety of races around the world and people of a different skin color and this shows clearly that Subud is an asset for all humankind.

Muhammad Subuh is called Bapak in Subud. Bapak means "Father" in Indonesian. "Bapak" is a nickname of Muhammad Subuh which comes from members' respect to him.


(Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwijoyo)

History of Subud Japan

When an Englishman Hussein Rofe visited Japan in 1954, the latihan of Subud was conveyed to Japan and the first group was born in Japan outside Indonesia. Although this group was dissolved soon, a few people continued to practice latihan alone.
A Subud group was reestablished in Tokyo, while Bapak Muhammad Subuh made a world jorney and Subud was spread abroad. This year the first handbook "A miracle in 20th Century -Subud- (Original title is 'Concerning Subud' by John Bennett)" was published.
In 1959, Bapak visited Japan for the first time. More than 200 people were opened and the national organisation which was predecessor organisation of Subud Japan was established. In this year the first World Congress of Subud was held in London, England.
In 1963 Bapak visited Japan again.
In 1967, the third World Congress was held in Japan and more than 400 members around the world joined the Congress. Bapak also attended the Congress.
In 1969, more than 200 people were opened when Bapak visited Japan for fourth time.
In 1972, Bapak's 5th visit to Japan was realised.
In 1976, Subud House was build in Saginuma, Kawasaki and the opening ceremony was held attended by Bapak (Bapak's 6th visit to Japan.)
Bapak visited Japan in 1978, 1979 and 1980. Bapak's last visit to Japan was 1982.
In 1985, "Subud - Meeting with Inner Life (Original title is 'Subud' by Robert Lyle.) was published."
In 1987, Bapak passed away (87 years old.)
In 1998, the name of the organisation is changed to current "Subud Japan." In this year "Mirai kara no Okurimono (Gift from the Future) was published.
In 2010, "General Corporate Judicial Person Subud JC" was established to register Subud as a corporation.